July 24, 2019

Ep. 10 Creating Content that Informs, Engages and Entertains with Ken Perry of The Knowledge Coop

In this episode of Open Mic with The Mortgage List, President and Founder, Ken Perry of The Knowledge Coop, joins Ginger Bell and shares his insight into the importance of compliance management, creating interesting and engaging content and training in the mortgage industry.

Ken has been creating compliance training for over 20 years in the mortgage industry and knows how to design and deliver engaging training.  You know you'll be in for an interesting time with Ken and in this episode he delivers impactful information about trends that he's seeing that can help you manage your compliance and stay ahead of the curve!  Anyone who can do a rap video about compliance is someone you want to listen to!!!  

Find out more about Knowledge Coop at www.TheMortgageList.com 

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